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5 singers, 1 song

Can one alone singer sing this song? Arijit Singh?


The golden age

The golden age of music in Bollywood, the 1950s and 60s, and to some extent the 70s, is over. Most agree, and the obituary has been read aloud a few years back. Even theater, its ignored cousin, announced it with ‘Bollywood ko salaam, 1950s ke naam’.

I have a theory (and it could be wrong because the stories are so regressive): that this period’s music and filmography was due to the work and the vision of a secular, peaceful India inspired by Nehru. But it looks like some people didn’t like it.

And what if Bollywood is a big conspiracy?!



Voices of India

Abhijeet, Sonu Nigam… why are the singers of India in tears? Flag bearers of sangeet, sanskar, sanskriti, saraswati, and all things pure bharatiya parampara. They hit their heads on a red and green wall. And ‘Velji bhai’ still smiles with luck, after brewing a storm in a twitter tea cup.

Simply the best

On an unrelated note, Shreya Ghoshal – we share the same place of birth, school and junior college. Good voice.