by 21cstories

Tribal Odyssey – Yawalapiti – YouTube.

We are the children of civilization. Pursuing our dreams, living with ambition, observing the world go round… Our eyes carry a history, and we breathe ourselves to self-awareness everyday. We spend the day working for others, and make a living for ourselves. Could things be different from what they are today? Were they any different in the ‘beginning’?

What would it be like to live among the tribes in the rain forests of the Amazon? What would life be life in 3012? 4012? It’s not given to us to know these things. And that’s the greatest thing about life and living. It means no one can conquer or destroy the spring from which mankind has emerged.

Was man better off when naked than he is today? Our clothes seem to have made a big difference. Our writing made us more human. The tribes had to actually live out their culture. We can do with mere recordings. So much more free we are, and different.

So the world has become a spectacle. Watch and observe what’s happening. History is at work, and each day is making itself anew. One day, it will end in itself. By then, man might have become a superman, or gone dead in thought and emotions. What can save us then? Our rituals and ceremonies? Our writing? Our clothes? There is a lot at store to stay optimistic – the day when bionic man will serve pure, original humans! It will be the biggest victory for humanity, and a big blow to totalitarian ideologies.