The World as Madhouse – deMause and historical personalities

by 21cstories

English: Crazy stuff

Wise or Crazy? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


via The Evolution of Psyche and Society by Lloyd deMause.

If we refer to the table of historical personalities, the world that has gone behind us would appear to be a madhouse. It almost appears to be quite so.

The 21st century, post-modern, is perhaps the healthiest and happiest of all them all. (Why is ‘retail therapy’ in vogue then?!)

The author seems to make too much of child-rearing practices. What about our growth via thinking and reasoning?

Looking back at our culture and traditions, there is no doubt our myth and religion is influenced strongly by parental figures. No Hindu discourse is ever complete without reference to these. Yet, our personalities are really in the making as we grow up.  The role of the subject in grooming his/her own personality is an important factor. No father has as yet succeeded in killing children who wish to follow their own way (I am glossing over honour killings, for these are extreme cases), for the sons always seem to form defense mechanisms or find alternatives. Only absolute weaklings succumb to the maddening world. Wounds heal as we grow up and face the world.