How to effectively read spam mails and earn a million dollars in peace

by 21cstories

Spam can actually make you wiser and rich! Here is some tongue-in-cheek advice.

  1. You have just earned $1000,000 in prize– The mail may carry a well known domain name, but your reply will go elsewhere. Many a times, Coca Cola, Microsoft or Toyota are purported to be the sponsor.

    Remedy – Think for a while – what have you done in this life to earn such a reward? Go back into your life history and search for an answer. Repressed memories will be kindled by this exercise, and you may come to understand how you came to be where you are today. 😉 That reward is worth more than any money.

    Action To be Taken: Delete.

  2. I need your urgent help, Sir!– These message are send by grief stricken widows, mostly in UK, who have inherited great wealth and need your assistance in transferring the amount from one account to another. Sometimes sent by their lawyers with reputed names. You stand to inherit the whole amount in many cases. A World Bank Debt Recovery Committee may sometimes donate you $10 million.

    Remedy – Count the money your father has left for you and compare with the prize money. 😉 The first one may come to you in a divided state, but the second will surely not. This will make you more prudent with your current expenses.

    Action – Delete

  3. Employment Opportunity– A hotel from London might contact you, with salary slabs of various positions vacant. Everyone will earn upwards of 3.5K pounds. The recruiter pays for your flight and accommodation. You need to just send your CV.

    Remedy –  Think about your current work profile. Is it better than being a hotel staff, even in London? Explore the pros and cons of your employer and boss, and the work conditions. This will bring you greater clarity on what you must do on the career front.

    Action – Delete the message, and take care of your career. Apply for a suitable job if required.

  4. Cheap Viagra + Cialis! Call now– This the  storage ball of all spams. You read it right! Now, how many millions this industry has generated is anyone’s guess. The booty historical man has been in search for since cave times has been found, and it’s in your spam bank right now!

    Remedy – Go to the bathroom, or a hill, and stroke… (no, I am not writing this again! it’s not fiction, it’s a fact!) This is a rare opportunity to gauge your cardiac health.

    Action – Delete. Start morning walks if you think the angle is no longer acute 😉