Preventing ‘info shock’

by 21cstories


Mark Schaefer, in a now famous article, points out an obvious fact – we are overloaded with information, and there seems to be no relief in the amount being churned out on the internet, mobile and social media platforms. Yet our capacity to consume this content is limited. He then draws out a startling conclusion:

“In a situation where content supply is exponentially exploding while content demand is flat, we would predict that individuals, companies, and brands would have to “pay” consumers more and more just to get them to see the same amount of content.”

In my opinion, we can take comfort in some common wisdom, and remain assured that the ‘good guys’ of content will ultimately drive out the not-so-good ones. That good content will always be in short supply — we don’t like all the ads that we see, do we? It’s certainly a war out there – to grab attention, get sales going.

In short, newer and newer ways of selling. Who sells ‘content’ anyway? We sell dreams, emotions, and so on.

Old dirt flies off in virtual space

It’s a new world we are creating out there in the electronic space. New identities, modes of expression and interaction, and digital connections that earlier existed in close, physical proximities, paper and telephone networks. It’s the same dirt of course, that we were used to in schools and neighbourhood. It now comes in a glorified, virtual avatar.

Earlier, we didn’t have such a wide audience, all at one place, that read and listened. An audience that could be influenced and manipulated, let’s add.

At the individual level, an explosion of self-expression. A freedom of expression on which lies so much of our well being.