Is there an Information Tsunami on the horizon?

by 21cstories

A few thoughts on the go.

Before the internet there was print, and media publications gave us most of the content we consumed. There were distinct producers and consumers of information, the latter most of us.

And then a revolution occurred: the user became a generator of information. Through blogs, forums, mailing lists, comments and websites.

Add to the above – organisations becoming producers of loads of information. Digital made it cheap. It made it available to anyone with access or connection.

So we had an information overload. Which means limits of how much can be produced and consumed in the time available.

Now the natural processes of adjustments obviously kick in.

So we get three things: Creative content that stands out, greater user selection for limited time, and much greater obsolescence. The more the quantity, the greater the junk.

There is obviously no recycling of information here. Everyday we can have new content created, and the unused info sinks into the digital trash pile of search engines.

Now the question is – if this is the state of things when not all of the population is creating information, what would happen when they begin to do so?

Imagine every person on earth becoming a user generator of information! The disconnected, yet to become net literate masses.

From the villages of Africa to unknown bylanes of an Asian town. Billions of them, logging in, commenting, uploading posts, sharing reactions and experiences…

Is this the future we are slowly moving into?