Repairing our voice

by 21cstories

Among the millions of internet distractions, one fine day this week, a new entrepreneur was quietly born.

Delayed, but not late. And it all began with the lighting of a small wick among millions of other internet candles.

Try building a website alone, and you get caught in a spider’s web that spawns in every known direction – hosting plans, branding, themes, layouts, visuals, content. Like a movie plot, every step is riddled with pitfalls that throw you into other tangles. Fortunately, there are tools and apps that make it less painful than if one were to do an html and ftp job, like in the old days.

Wed technology with language, and new combinations emerge. Despite the visual + video bandwagon attack, we still need words to complete the message. Or settle with a cartoonish eloquence that’s open to every-eye-sees-different perspectives.

And speaking of language, we know how it is battered into known shapes by the invisible forces of imitation, new technologies (jargon), norms (trending ways to talk), and changing fashions (word choice). No one escapes unhurt. But carried too far, it makes us fall into another pit, of tired, dumb, generic writing.

Dumb writing takes us nowhere. It brings no laurels or credentials other than having published something, somewhere. was therefore born to sharpen up content. To make content worthwhile in itself. It wants to help content publishers and writers get to the point amidst millions of other distractions.

Published words carry our voice and preserve it forever.

By getting to the voice, we get to the message fast.