Why do writers come SO cheap?

by 21cstories

writers cheap

To be charged by number of snores.

A novice welder in the US could earn $35/hour + bonus fresh from training, so informs my Facebook friend, almost the same as a college grad writer (@ 6 cents/word). A related debate is looming large on India’s social forums ($8 for 3 articles?). Writers saying two cents was meant to be humble, not cheap. So what makes words so cheap?


Sweat, soot, toil <!> Recliner, music, typing

The contrast is not always so stark, nor is work to be measured in amounts of blood shed or muscles shred.

A lot of work that goes around on the streets, and in factories and offices is really of the ‘non-thinking’ type. The masses don’t think, aren’t supposed to. They have other things to think about and care for. Life must go natural, or come to a thoughtful standstill.

But writing is thinking. It’s unnatural. It’s not part of our nature and being human.

A lot of work is being shredded to its units. Programmers count number of lines of codes. Apply this to other industries.

If a pop singer were to charge by the number of notes sung?

A drummer by number of strikes on the drums?

A TV presenter by number of words spoken?

Cooking by amount of gas burnt and oil poured?

A driver by turning of the steering and break presses?

Pedals to metals it will certainly be. And uptown funk will last a bit longer.

Let’s wait for AI to turn full steam. Or contact me for a $1 article.