What’s a dinky little website pop-up worth?

by 21cstories

I’ve spent an hour admiring my little window of a pop-up on my website. Like kids do with new toys. Like we get hooked to new gadgets until we have felt, smelt, licked and touched every feature the marketing promised.

It took a whole day to get it right – just as I wanted. No thick borders, mismatched fonts, or junk spaces. WordPress plugins come in such numbers, that it becomes a flaw in itself.

And then you feel the urge to write it all down, because you are a writer. Suppress the feeling for even 10 minutes, and the associations walk out. That’s how impulsive to a fault some writers are. No careful brewing up, or sustaining the ideas.

And that impulsiveness defines the digital age – if you feel the emotion, click and publish. The button next to this window says – ‘change status – publish immediately’.

New things attract on their own. Once upon a time, the pop-up was new. And so it was everywhere. Its slide across the screen showered visitors with some action, replacing the lousy, eye sore gif animations of the 90s.

In the end, a pop-up is only worth the message it contains. It makes a promise, and fades back into its code.