Vegetables are truly a wonder food

by 21cstories


It’s been over a month since I began eating a whole lot of boiled vegetables. Nearly 8-10 servings a day. I report great and amazing results!

Thank Popeye for making spinach rule.

Not many like them. Some had to alter their diets and take the veggie route (or avoid them in some cases) to take care of special conditions. While quite a few today are experimenting with vegan/raw/paleo menus to bring about change. All good here.

I couldn’t avoid vegetables

Because it is integral to the Indian thali (lunch/dinner plate). While walking across markets, I would see crates after crates adorned with luscious red tomatoes, lushy green spinach or okra and royal purple brinjals. It puts mind at peace and brings out a healthy craving.

But the Indian thali, I feel, does a bit of disservice

…when it comes to preparing vegetables. There is too much oil in it, and the frying with masala, though it imparts a delicious flavour, isn’t my idea of a well cooked vegetable. I call it pickle (Kuch log sabji ka achaar bana dete hain). Nor do Indians consume the recommended ‘half plate’ amount. It falls short by a cup or two, or even more.

After a week, I felt the work my vegetables were quietly doing within.

So I knew I was eating the right stuff. And after a month, I can vouch for the following:

  • My joints are supple and have regained flexibility
  • There is a new spring in my feet… energy all the way
  • I stand straight with my body, like a youngster
  • My muscles are gaining strength, though I don’t eat meat
  • My eyesight is clearer, with no blurring or straining for distant views.
  • My gums are no longer rough and sensitive
  • There is a new confidence on my face, that never was
  • I am pissing like I used to as a kid. Full volume, many times a day. Which means my kidneys are working like a waterfall.
  • My mouth ulcers are almost gone.
  • Dandruff is gone. Yaay!
  • *%!#@ have really become #@^&!!!!!

And the truly amazing mental effects (that remind me of the movie Lucy):

  • My memory is reaching back to unknown years of my life. Memories that I didn’t know still existed in my brain.
  • Associations now form rapidly
  • My abstract thinking has taken a boost… I can quickly relate to topics at very abstract levels without straining myself
  • My imagination runs wild, and lucid dreaming is much easier while watching a movie or thinking about new plots
  • I think of new ideas everyday. About new things to learn, do, improve on, experiment, create and develop.

But when I read about health, food and diets on the internet

… I get a shock. It’s like a war going on out there.

If, anytime, anyone tells you this, that eating XYZ may help in reducing the risk of [deadly disease], tell them you will pay three times less for it: because MAY, REDUCE and RISK are not full time guarantees. 🙂

Nothing seems to be out of bounds here. If food in religion was an issue, food in the secular world is no less. History, biology, ancient wisdom, scientific research, old medicinal systems, chakras and tantras… So cabbage is white, and therefore its color energies match that white chakra. Or it is shaped like the brain, so it is a brain tonic. Bananas are obviously…

A curious thing I noted was that there were some die-hard, cute/ferocious bloggers and health lovers who were promoting special diets (raw/paleo/vegan/etc). They blew the brains out of critical commentators to defend their chosen meals. But a look at their history showed that they suffered from allergies/special medical conditions that made them adopt those diets in the first place.

A recent research into western art history looked at hundreds of paintings from the renaissance era, and found that junk food (meat, sausage and bread) was predominant. (Vegetables were reportedly depicted in only 22% of paintings).

Aur kya likhun. Dimag ki to bhaji ban gayi hai. Unless we suffer from some special condition, let’s eat the food we always knew was good, and be happy.


The idealist is one who thinks that, since roses look and smell better than cabbage, they will also make better soup. – Someone said this.