My first Karaoke song!

by 21cstories

I never thought much of self recording a song, though I would sometimes hum and record a tune. Sans the punch of live music, it never sounded good enough.

But how about this Japanese thing?

Long time back, a Thai student once mentioned it to me at the hostel. But I wasn’t impressed. The idea of doing Karaoke didn’t make sense, as I had experienced first hand singing with some live accompaniment. Now that was real music.

But when there is no accompaniment?

Then it’s time to download a karaoke track

… and get the mic and software ready.

I don’t have a professional mic, but the audio software was good enough to add the missing effects. Echo, reverb, bass and treble boost, dB limiting… But a lot of expressions, shrutis and overtones went amiss because the mic wouldn’t catch the whole voice.

The movie track I chose just happened to be there on the download site, and I didn’t think twice before going with it – it has an upbeat rhythm, and I remember staying back in the theater at the end of that movie just to listen to the song again. It’s a revamped version of an even earlier version from the late  80s, and I thought the new version was better.

The new Bollywood songs can be really hard to sing! Those open throat, high pitched, sentimental, anguished, oppressed tones… it can take some real, hard practice to bring those notes out. But I found another way out of it.

Here it is, my first karaoke song