5 super awesome ways to make fun of listicles

by 21cstories

This post is ‘literally’ about the headline itself. Because I am just tired now of seeing entire search results occupied with titles that begin with numbers.


There is no movement against them. Everyone is into them. I am sure research is on to find out the best numbers to use.

2.I am dead tired of listicles.

I once thought the word was meant to poke fun at testicles, because I thought this method of deriving words was a sort of trend. It’s actually a portmanteau of list + article.

3.I can’t stand listicles.

Everyone is spending time writing about ‘x’ awesome foods to eat this summer, but not ‘x’ novel ways to beat [any terrorist organization].

4.I also wrote listicles.

Because it was sure to get traffic. Click baits. And they make the work easier.But the darker truth about them is – those numbers don’t really matter. How would you feel if you read ‘3 best ways to write’ and then come across ’10 best ways to write’?

5.What happens when you make fun of listicles?

They just expand to infinity.