Ginger lemon tea in the morning is a blessing

by 21cstories

I’ve been  doing this now for the past one week. And behold, my cold and flu symptoms don’t last more than a few hours. Sore throat? It’s gone before I know it. And I thought ginger tea was just a fake thing, sort of a cosmetic, feel good factor, because it never really cured the cold.

The anti-cold effect could be due to all the veggies I eat. So the deal with ginger tea is, in the least, we get some hot water first thing in the morning.

I took the idea and how to make it decades ago from Gandhi’s autobiography. Where not do recipes come from?! I thought it would taste like tea, but it did not.

What were mornings used to be? Full of smoke. And now the tangy, healthy cup of ginger lemon opens up a big, bright day, everyday. I am slowly turning into a vegan, or raw, American style. 🙂

It’s not just ginger and lemon. I’ve also used some real tea there. The lemon does impact the teeth enamel, so one should be careful about that.

Some ginger fun: