How I am quitting smoking

by 21cstories

The present tense implies that it’s a process. I haven’t yet ‘quit’, because I know the marks of the nicotine pathways are still somewhere there. I tried the tapering and cold turkey methods and failed, four times in all. And then I did something new.

I brought down the number from 30 a day to just one per day, at a fixed time. And I did this for 30 days. And then I quit altogether.

This combination of tapering and cold turkey appears to have worked well for me. There weren’t any strong urges no matter how good or bad I felt. All it took was to glance at the android app for a motivation boost, or surf and find out how great vegetables were for healthy diet. Nicotine too is a phytochemical! Who knows, it might even be an anti-oxidant!

But it led me to discover this book – Confessions of an opium eater, by De Quincey.

And I read about Kurt Cobain. What a terribly sad end.

Nicotine has the strongest “dependency” rating of all drugs. An average daily smoker losers 4.5 hrs every  day of smoking. But a daily average dose of heroin takes away over 68 hrs of life every day of use. Roughly speaking, 6 days of smoking cost a day of life, whereas a single day on heroin takes away nearly 3 days.

My method – 1 cigarette for 30 days – did not save me from withdrawal symptoms though. All the disorientation, hazy vision, rages and rants, fretting, aggression, mood swings and draining of all vitality – all of that happened, but late. And it seems its over now.

I also re-discovered those cannibal movies, also called Italian exploitation movies.